Month: August 2016

Harris County WCID 96 Water Supply Matters

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Recently, some residents within Harris County Water Control and Improvement District No. 96 (the “District”) reported their tap water exhibited an unpleasant taste and odor as well as some discoloration. The water remains safe to drink, and Si Envronmental, the District Operator, is investigating the matter. Pursuant to an agreement entered into between the District and the City of Houston (the “City”), the City supplies the District with water which is withdrawn from Lake Houston and treated at the City’s Northeast Water Purification Plant. The District’s Operator has reported the taste, odor, and discoloration issues to the City and remains in contact with the City regarding the situation.

The District takes any concerns regarding water supply very seriously, and the District Operator shall continue to monitor the situation. Further updates regarding water supply matters will appear on this website as conditions warrant. Should you have any questions or concerns about your water or your water service, please contact Si Environmental at 832-490-1600.